Study Tools

Zida Zophunzira

Disclaimer: Below we provide links to useful study tools and resources.  Namikango Bible School may not agree with some religious statements made on some of the sites, but we believe the sites offer valuable helps for Bible study.  Remember that all teachings need to be tested by the word of God itself – Acts 17:11.

– Allows you to look up scriptures in many English and other Bible versions and translations.  You can also search for all scripture verses containing a certain word.  The site also provides access to commentaries.

Chicheŵa Scripture Lookup

This program was developed by Ross Collier of Baptist Missions in Malawi, using a text of the Union Version of the Chicheŵa Bible typed by workers at Namikango, and is used with Mr. Collier’s permission.   We hope to have it operational in a short time.  Please check back here.

This link is to a website filled with links to useful Bible commentaries, dictionaries, atlases, etc.  The site was created by a scholar from Churches of Christ named Steve Singleton.

This website allows you to listen to audio reading from many Bible versions and translations, including the new Chicheŵa translation of the New Testament. You can also download these audio recordings free of charge.

South Houston Bible Institute Distance Learning Courses,

This site offers 36 different courses in Bible, ministry and Christian growth.  The courses are free and you may receive them through email or postal mail.  The complete materials and/or audio recordings of some of the courses can be downloaded at and more courses will be added to the download page as time goes on, God willing.  To enroll in a course, go the website above ( and click on Distance Learning Courses. You can also enroll in the SHBI courses through Namikango.